Vegetarian Dish

True Food Kitchen

Your three-course dining itinerary (sorry, we couldn't pick just one thing): Start with the colorful vegetable crudites with tzatziki and black olive dipping sauces, followed by the delicate, savory edamame dumplings with daikon radish sprouts and white truffle oil. Then, complete the meal with the hearty spaghetti squash casserole—you won't miss the pasta-based original, guaranteed.

Mad Greens

Well, we can't argue with your logic: Start with baby greens, fresh spinach, or romaine, and choose from 50 non-meat ingredients to make the chopped salad of your dreams. Multiple locations.

Root Down’s Raw Food Night

Veggie options at too many restaurants come down to a predictable salad or tired take on pasta primavera. So we jumped at the chance to attend Root Down’s Raw Food Night, a monthly dinner prepared every first Tuesday by raw-food-certified chef Daniel Asher (who formerly owned an environmentally focused food service company). Raw food consists of vegan items that aren’t heated above 115 degrees, under the premise that cooking vegetables leeches out essential nutrients.

Udi’s Supper Club

While Denver’s eateries are expanding their veggie menus, we’ve been a bit disappointed in the sampling of carb-heavy, unimaginative offerings. Enter Udi’s Supper Club, a monthly, four-course vegan feast at Udi’s Pizza Café Bar in Olde Town Arvada that combines the talents of Udi Baron (a recent convert to veganism) and his daughter, executive chef Robin Bar-On. At a recent feast, the menu included eggplant caponata, carrot and jicama slaw, and the standout: kabocha squash and bok choy braised in coconut milk.