Nothing sounds better in the early hours than Crema's aromatic espresso and a sweet potato waffle with candied walnuts and hazelnut whipped cream.

Rooster & Moon Coffee Pub

On any given morning, this comfy Civic Center hangout buzzes with business professionals in suits, hipsters engrossed in their laptops at community tables, and couples chatting over lattes at the window bar seats. Local microbrew insignias and an aspen-grove mural on the wall afford the space a Colorado vibe, and the barista's intuitive recommendation for a spicier version of our chai was spot-on. Next time, we'll stay past daylight for the live music…or maybe for a gourmet sandwich and some banana pudding from the surprisingly enticing menu.

Crema Coffee House

There’s a lot to like about Crema Coffee House in Curtis Park. For starters, it pours French-press coffee (drip java is so passé). The interior—which combines exposed brick, rustic wood, contemporary art, and sizeable windows—is inviting. Breakfast options are simple yet creative; try the sweet potato waffle or one of the rotating quiche options. And, on a recent visit, we didn’t see one laptop. Instead, Crema was inhabited by people who were, get this, talking to each other—a wonderfully refreshing vibe we wish we could find elsewhere more frequently.