First Date

Banjo Billy’s Bus Tours

OK, it’s silly. And a little unconventional. And you have to be armed with a sense of adventure. But hasn’t the let’s-grab-dinner-and-drinks routine been done a few too many times? Hop on the big wooden-sided school bus—a ramshackle vehicle “tricked out to look like a traveling hillbilly shack”—and settle in for 90 minutes of Denver folklore, ghost stories, juicy historic scandals, and yes, audience participation while you zip around the city.

Denver Public Library’s Fresh City Life events

First dates come with way too many rules: Don’t order salad. Don’t pick a predictable location. Don’t ask about religion. Don’t talk about your ex. It’s enough to turn anyone off of dating—unless you’ve picked one of the Denver Public Library’s Fresh City Life events for your meet-and-greet plan. The programming includes everything from movies to cooking to board games to help ease those awkward first minutes. Even better, most events are held at the Central Library, which is a perfect launching pad for Date 2.0, whether it’s dinner at Cuba Cuba or drinks downtown. Need a date?