Live Music Venue

Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre

Typically, our vote doesn’t go to Red Rocks. Every year, people ask: How do you not pick it? Our usual response: We absolutely can’t argue with its spectacular-ness for four months of the year…but what about when we’re craving a good show in January? Well, this year, Red Rocks proved it can pack the seats in spite of the season. The first-ever winter show, Winter on the Rocks, sold out in advance—snow in the forecast and all.

The Gothic Theatre

No matter how many shows we see at the Gothic, we always walk out the door dazzled. The colorful Art Deco walls with scalloped, cloudlike overhangs give the stage an enticing, theatrical prominence that gets us jazzed while we’re waiting for bands like Slim Cessna’s Auto Club and Paper Bird to roll out. With several tiers from which to view the performance, personal space isn’t an issue like it is at some other venues we frequent, but the experience still feels intimate. No matter where you are, you’re likely to have an uninterrupted view, and the sound quality is stellar.