Rookie Politician

Scott Gessler, Colorado Secretary of State

Really, readers? Gessler is no newbie to politics (he's been secretary of state since 2011). And, since he's eyeing the governor's office, there's little doubt that he plans to be around for a while.

Leroy Garcia, State Representative

Much to the chagrin of his fellow Democrats, Pueblo's newbie representative, Leroy Garcia, held out on some of the party's gun control laws, including the controversial limit on magazines. Political suicide? Hardly. Garcia proved to his constituents that he could fight, a skill that helped him push through legislation for emergency medical service providers and small businesses. Most notably, he's worked hard to convert former correctional facility Fort Lyon into a transitional housing facility for the homeless and veterans.

Christopher Herndon, city councilman

American politics needs help at all levels, and Christopher Herndon is just the type of politician who may provide some—dare we say it?—hope. The former West Pointer and Army captain was elected in 2011 as District 11’s councilman. Representing the city’s northeast side means Herndon’s avid curiosity and team-oriented approach is a key force in negotiations and planning for improvements (such as light rail lines and commercial development) that will affect all citizens of Denver. Here’s to the future.