Tattered Cover

How do we love thee, Tattered Cover? Let us count the wins: 13 years of Top of the Town supremacy. Multiple locations. 

Park Hill Community Bookstore

In the age of the e-reader, it's easy to find specific titles. Sometimes, though, you want to leisurely thumb through a few paperbacks to figure out what you want. That's where this charming 42-year-old Park Hill co-op comes in. Its three stories are packed with new and previously loved tomes—classics, cookbooks, children's standbys, you name it—categorized by genre. Members ($15 per year for individuals, $20 for families) get 10 free used volumes annually and can trade in their own books for credits; guests can score hard copies at bargain-bin prices.

Tattered Cover Book Store

Our office is on the same block as the LoDo branch of this venerable palace o’ books, so we spend a lot of time browsing the shelves, drinking coffee from the cafe, and lounging in the armchairs. But we felt a little awkward about reading from our iPads in the store. Not anymore. The Tattered Cover is hip to the changing literary world, meaning that as of December, Google eBooks are part of the LoDo site’s inventory.