Southwest Denver

Breckenridge Brewery Tasting Room

Enjoy a casual atmosphere and beer straight from the brewery.  The menu features award-winning hickory smoked pork, chicken, beef, turkey, and salmon. 

J's Noodles Star Thai 2

Traditional Thai with a cult following. The tom yum soup (spicy lemon soup), drunken noodles and pad thai are the regulars' picks. Warning: Hot means hot.

Thai Pot Cafe

A cozy Thai restaurant offering a variety of curries, noodle bowls, soups, salads, and coconut-infused desserts. The drunken noodles with eggplant are a favorite.

Viet's Restaurant

Enjoy sophisticated Vietnamese cuisine at this modern eatery. It boasts everything from fresh spring rolls and pho favorites to gourmet seafood plates.

Brewery Bar II

Legions of customers are loyal to this casual joint's signature chiles rellenos, award-winning green chile, solid margaritas, and great specials.