Biker Jim’s Gourmet Dogs

On any given day, you’ll likely find us (and, well, everyone else in the greater downtown area) in line at Biker Jim’s street cart. Among the enticingly offbeat sausages he offers, the 100-percent-beef dog, a subtly spicy concoction served on a soft, toasty bun, is a standout. The wide range of condiments—from cream cheese to an enticing DIY selection (think jalapeños and barbecue sauce)—will suit any taste. And unlike (too) many other local hot doggeries, Jim’s is grilled, not just boiled. And guess what? Now that he’s opened an actual restaurant, you no longer have to rely on good weather to enjoy Jim’s wiener-ly goodness. The menu is more extensive than he can pull off with a street cart, and we’re obsessed: Try the rattlesnake and pheasant dog topped with harissa-roasted cactus, Malaysian curry jam, scallions, cilantro, and onions. Seriously. We’ll see you there. 2148 Larimer St. (restaurant), 720-746-9355; 16th and Arapahoe streets and Auraria Campus (outdoor stands); 

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6th and Arapahoe streets and Auraria Campus
Denver, CO