Editor's Choice
Mario Zoots

There are many ways to judge an artist. Some have a 50-year track record of success in a particular medium, while others are bold explorers of new territory and nebulous media. Regardless, the most interesting artists compel viewers to engage in their work. And that’s exactly how Mario Zoots has earned a distinguished spot in the local contemporary arts scene. Playing on pervasive pop culture references, Zoots has mastered digital and paper collage imagery in a way that challenges viewers to actually think about what they’re looking at. His avant-garde collages are mélanges of altered Web images that incorporate celebrity iconography, modern design elements, cultural themes, and more—all of which overlap in a way that demands an intellectual investment from the viewer. Look for his work in local art hot spots such as RiNo Art District’s Super Ordinary Gallery and Broadway’s Fancy Tiger Clothing.

Reader's Choice
Paul Cunningham