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Editor's Choice
Gaylord’s Garage

Seeing a mechanic requires a leap of faith—especially when you’re taking her in for a general checkup, like your 90,000-mile maintenance service. Who knows what hidden problems you “need” to fix? Thankfully, the family-owned Gaylord’s Garage is fair, personable, and most important, reliable. These guys have raced and serviced Hondas and Acuras since the 1970s. (Caveat: Gaylord’s only services Hondas and Acuras.) We haven’t been diligent about maintenance and were expecting a long list of problems; what we weren’t expecting was a prioritized, itemized price list that differentiated safety fixes from “should start thinking about it” repairs. Gaylord’s even provided clearly specified discounts we’d score for scheduling certain replacements together. (For the record, we called around with an identical laundry list and received quotes that cost nearly twice as much.) The technicians finished the work in just one day, from cabin filters to brake pads to fluids, and they even orchestrated a convenient after-hours pickup. 1451 Depew St., Lakewood, 303-232-7645,

Reader's Choice
Lube and Latte

2595 Kipling St., Lakewood, 303-274-0713,