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Cobblers Corner

We know you got ’em…those beloved boots you wore every day this winter—the ones with shabby-looking holes in the sole? We get it. You just can’t part with them. They go with everything. They were expensive. You’ll never find a pair that fabulous again. And really, who’ll notice as long as you shuffle, right? Well, we’ve noticed, and we’ve recommended this no-frills 17th Street shop again and again as the best fixer-upper for your downtrodden kicks. The space smells of leather and glue, receipts are handwritten on scraps of paper, and your shoes are handed back to you in recycled grocery bags; it’s old school at its best. But the service is always polite and the turnaround time is reasonable; they can even do some basic repairs while you wait. No more excuses. Or shuffling. 826 17th St., 303-623-3838

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Dardano’s Shoes

1550 S. Colorado Blvd., 303-692-9355,