Editor's Choice
The Hermitage Bookshop

We know we’re not alone in loving the smell of old books. That old leather and yellowed paper aroma hits you as soon as you walk into the Hermitage, an underground bookstore with 22,000 volumes, including rare copies, first editions, and exciting finds. We picked up a copy of Thoreau’s Walden the last time we ventured below; with its worn jacket and bright red binding underneath, it adds a timelessness to our collection and looks so distinguished on our bookshelf. Hermitage is a place where you can practically feel the stories—the ones inside the pages as well as the journeys these books have made themselves. We could spend hours sifting through the gold-edged tomes, but if you’re on a tighter schedule, the fellow booklovers at the front desk are more than happy to help. 290 Fillmore St., 303-388-6811,

Reader's Choice
Tattered Cover Book Store

2526 E. Colfax Ave., 303-322-7727; 1628 16th St., 303- 436-1070; 9315 Dorchester St., Highlands Ranch, 303-470-7050;