Ethnic Market

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Diyar International Market

The best ethnic markets are transformative: You walk inside and feel as if you’ve traveled to a foreign country. Different languages ring in your ears and difficult-to-find international ingredients are suddenly commonplace. That’s what it feels like to step inside Diyar International Market, our pick in this category for two years running. The tiny shop carries plenty of Middle Eastern goodies—falafel, fresh goat, grape leaves—that are often difficult (or impossible) to find in chain grocery stores. But the reason this market is worth the drive is the house-made bread that’s baked throughout the day on-site in a massive oven. Pick up some fresh tandoori bread or a package of samoon (a pointed bread loaf much like a baguette), and you’ll never be tempted to set foot in a supermarket bakery again. 2159 S. Parker Road, 303-337-6527

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2751 S. Parker Road, Aurora, 303-745-4592,