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The Paper Lady

We once heard it said that walking into a card shop makes you want to be a better person. We couldn’t agree more. The last time we ducked into this colorful storefront on Old South Gaylord, we were inspired to be that person who sends thoughtful, adorable, perfectly appropriate and charming cards—not emails, not texts!—to the people who are truly special in our lives. The cubbyhole-style organization (labeled by category: wedding, baby, birthday) is easy to navigate, but it’s just as simple to consult owner Rosie Wiedenmayer, who sifted through the piles herself until she pulled out bridal shower and baby congrats cards that we fancied. The shabby-chic tables and wall units are crammed with cute, crafty finds like inspired gift tags and patterned journals, but we don’t feel overwhelmed by the merchandise. Yes, you can pick up favorites like Crane & Co. or Kate Spade for your correspondence needs, but we’d rather get a one-of-a-kind any day, and the Paper Lady can make that happen. 1018 S. Gaylord St., 303-722-6877,

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