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Editor's Choice
The Book of Mormon

Trey Parker and Matt Stone have held a special place in Coloradans' hearts since South Park hit the air, so when the lampooning duo returned home last August with their nine-time Tony Award–winning musical, even the theater-averse lined up for tickets. The gut-busting, satirical take on traditional musicals is filthy, shocking, and wholly modern. It was enough to cause one theater-loving (but anti-musical) editor to declare it the best show he's seen. Ever. Thankfully, those of us (and there are a lot) who couldn't get tickets to the first go-around can aim for round two, opening October 22 at the Buell Theatre.

Reader's Choice
The Book of Mormon

Looks like our readers are on the same page: The irreverent musical, penned by the South Park crew, is one of the best things to come out of Denver's culture scene in recent years.