Editor's Choice
John-Paul Maxfield, Waste Farmers

In 2008, John-Paul Maxfield, founder and CEO of sustainable agriculture company Waste Farmers, started helping local restaurants turn their waste into organic, nutrient-rich compost to bolster urban farming and lessen the load in landfills. This spring, the company moved on to a new project, launching a flagship line of products: Maxfield's Potting Soil, Soil Conditioner, and Planting Mix, all of which use locally sourced components such as biochar and worm castings in place of chemical- or fossil fuel-based fertilizers. The result: a biological process that cultivates “living soil” to support a natural growth cycle.

Reader's Choice
Sinjin Eberle, Colorado Trout Unlimited

Eberle is a longtime officer—most recently having served as president—of river conservation group Colorado Trout Unlimited, where he pursues grassroots environmental initiatives such as the Buffalo Peaks Ranch fish habitat restoration on the South Platte River.