Bike Shop

Editor's Choice

Approaching a bicycle mechanic's counter can be intimidating. For lady cyclists, there's often the added dilemma of asking a man about a female-specific bike, which just seems a little off. That's why our new go-to place for repairs is TriBella, Denver's only women-focused cycling (and triathlon) shop. Husband-and-wife team James Sharpe and Elizabeth Whitfield Sharpe cater to amateurs and competitive riders alike and sell women's bicycles—from cruisers to high-end road bikes—sans the “bro” speak and 'tude. But fellas, they won't turn you away: TriBella's full-service shop welcomes Y chromosomes in need of a tune-up, too.

Reader's Choice

A longtime standout in bicycle mechanic mastery, Salvagetti has some new digs—which means more room (and a second location, at 8 W. Ellsworth Ave.) for standout goods and service.