Editor's Choice
Elixir Mind Body Massage

Yes, this place is located across the street from 5280's offices, but convenience isn't why we love it. Elixir goes beyond the quick tension-fix to total nirvana. It isn't a full-service spa, but let's be honest: Massage therapy is the focal point of any spa day anyway. Choose from 13 massages that can be combined with 11 enhancements, such as aromatherapy, a sugar scrub, lavender steam, and dry brushing, and mix and match from the menu for a different spa experience every time you go—which will be often.

Reader's Choice
SpaVital at Pura Vida

A roster of waxing services, nail care, 11 different massages, and more than a dozen skin-care options make SpaVital the perfect full-service spa.