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—Photography courtesy of April Mayhew

The Colorado Springs Woman Atop the Rock Climbing World

Last year, Jes Meiris nearly became the first woman to solo climb the Nose on El Captian in under 24 hours. Will she return this summer—or is it more courageous not to?

March 2015

—Photo by Allen Krughoff

50 Urban Adventures You Must Try

You don't have to drive far into the mountains for outdoor thrills. Try these 50 bona fide (and really fun!) escapades without leaving the Front Range.

April 2015

Should Colorado Skiers Be Worried About Inbounds Avalanches?

Two avalanche deaths at Colorado ski resorts in 2012 are forcing powder hounds—and the state Supreme Court—to weigh the inherent risks of the sport.

April 2015