One of the running jokes at the 5280 office is that I’ll suggest starting a magazine to cover whatever is my latest interest. Thankfully, here’s one idea I’ve never had to consider:

The magazine is called Divorce in Denver. It was created by a former stay-at-home mom in Centennial. Cyndee Rae works now works full-time in her home office as editor and publisher of the magazine. She divorced after 17 years of marriage. “I don’t like divorce. It’s messy. It’s ugly. It’s a horrible thing.”

So, too, is a lot of what’s in the magazine. Amidst the ads for attorneys, pawn brokers, and detox programs, comes such compelling editorial as this priceless exchange in the magazine’s Q&A section:

Question: I am filing for divorce. When can I start dating?

Answer: You are free to date at any time. Be discreet, however, especially when the children are around because the introduction of new partners can be upsetting to them.