Feel that slight vibration in the ground today? That’s the aftershocks from last night’s Freak Train, a freak-alicious theater hodgepodge that rolled through the Bug Theater last night. This amateur open stage night is always wild, and you never know what you might see. Possibilities include comedy, theater, music, tapdancing, and/or singing monkeys and many more bizarre performances.

Go wherever your imagination takes you for this show. Have a skit involving crash helmets, voodoo dolls and cookie dough? Bring it on. Twelve slots are available and fill up soon, so don’t arrive late if you want your five minutes of fame. (If you’re having trouble picturing exactly how this works, just check out the 4th anniversary video. )

The Freak Train rolls through town on the last Monday of every month. I know, I know. Mondays aren’t the best “going out” night. But surely this is enough advance notice, right?

Doors are at 7 p.m., show’s at 8 p.m., tickets for the low, low price of $5.

Go ahead. Get your freak on.