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I’ve been MIA for a bit, out with a nasty head cold. Naturally, now that I’m feeling better, I have cabin fever like crazy.

So what’s a cooped-up, out of the loop night owl to do on a random Wednesday? Well, to start, I’m off to Highlands Square for a girlie gathering, and we should definitely hit swimclub 32 for their great happy hour. Drinks will cost you full price, but the food is all half off from 5 – 6 p.m. every weekday, and lemme tell you, it’s a steal of a deal. The lobster ceviche, five spiced duck and Alaskan black cod are a few faves, and there are lots of other tasty tidbits on the menu.


After, I’m thinking it’s time to stop by 5 Degrees for their new Wednesday ladies’ night event, called Whipped Wednesdays. (Not so sure about that name, actually, but what do I know?) It’s billed as a “tongue-in-cheek S&M fete for the 90 percent lady/ 10 percent vixen.” Raawrrr. The part that lists a free martini and shots from 10 p.m. to midnight is what really caught my attention.

Then, assuming I’m not totally wiped after my nearly week-long hiatus, I might make the hi-dive for the Wednesday night sweat fest called Off the Wall. It’s a weekly ’80s dance off that gets hopping around midnight and goes until the bright lights come on and the bartenders stop serving.

Of course, if I actually make all of my planned stops tonight, I will likely be right back in bed tomorrow with a helluva headache. At least that kind of illness will go away with coffee and Advil. But then again, the hi-dive will always be there some other time. Like, maybe next week.

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