I’m in hell. House-hunting hell, that is. (And yes, before you offer, I do have a real estate agent already, thank you.) Hubby and I are selling our first house, so this staging-showing-selling-looking-buying all at once insanity is brand new to us. Is is just me, or is this incredibly stressful to everyone? We just listed our place last week, and now we’re tip-toeing around our own house, picking up every newspaper page and stray crumb the very second they dare to scatter around our oddly immaculate house. We did the staging thing, where you get rid of half your stuff to make your house look more like a show home. My dog is with his grand-puppy-parents for the time being, because A) he is a lovable-but-hairy monster and sheds like crazy all the time, and B) he’s just big and scary-looking enough that I can’t show the house if he’s here alone. That part really sucks. On the other hand, keeping my house and husband in perfect order all the time is something I could almost get used to. This place has never looked better. We cleared out our closets, cleaned under the stove, organized our storage room, scrubbed the walls, and suddenly I’m vaccuuming every day and the house looks pristine. If only this was normal. But I already feel like I’m living in a place that is no longer mine. And honestly, I can’t wait to sell the house and get back to our not-so-perfect, slightly messy real lives in a new home.