Denver’s not really a cow town. Well, except during the Stock Show. Then we’re totally overrun with cows. And steers. Bulls. And really big belt buckles. On hot cowboys wearing Wranglers.

But I digress.

Normally we try really, really hard not to be a cow town. Mostly we succeed, and under normal circumstances, “urban cowboy” is much closer to home. So it’s fitting that the ASCENT Foundation’s annual Urban Cowboy fundraiser gives us all an excuse to break out the rhinestones, cowboy boots, Stetsons, turquoise conchos and fringed leather coats. Fortunately, it just so happens that the whole Wild West look is very in this season, so you can probably even wear your getup again.

It’s gonna be a helluva rodeo, pardner. Think mechanical bulls, arm wrestling, lasso contests, line dancing, and a BBQ buffet, Coors beer, and… a martini bar. (‘Round ‘dem parts, that thar “martini bar” best don’t show its face, if it knows what’s good fer it. Might be a mighty sore whiskey bar fixin’ for a fight.) Apparently the theme only carries over so far.

The $60 tickets are all inclusive, and good ol’ Denver boys The Railbenders will be throwing down some rockin’ alt-country music. Proceeds from the event benefit SafeHouse Denver, so head on down to the Walnut Foundry to rustle up a proper barn dance. Tickets may sell out in advance (they did last year) so look up Wayne Keith from the Ascent Foundation for tickets and info at 720-982-6049.