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Camping at McConaughy


It’s nice to have good friends. And it’s really fantastic when those good friends have boats. We’re basically double dating with another couple this weekend, who were kind enough to let us tag along to go boating and camping up at Lake McConaughy in Nebraska. It’s about a 3 hour drive to get there, but the lake is 20 miles long, making it a lot more fun to explore than, say, poor lil’ Chatfield or Cherry Creek reservoirs. Of course, I’m not one for roughing it too much. We stocked up on cheese and wine, (and yes, we’re bringing tons of water and sunscreen too), and hubby happily bopped off to REI to find us a couple of those squishy mats to cushion our sleeping bags. I haven’t been to this lake yet, so I’m excited to check it out, and I’ll report back on the experience next week. In the meantime, enjoy the hot weather, the People’s Fair, and all the other cool stuff I’ll be missing. I’m pretty sure I’m still getting the better deal.

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