The freaks (and their friends) roll in tonight at 7 p.m. It will probably not be an entirely pretty sight, but if all goes well you’ll get plenty of belly laughs out of the affair.

Freak Train, tonight at the Bug Theater, is an open stage freak fest where anyone and everyone can sign up for five minutes of fame. Or public humiliation, depending on the performer. You might see a few acting monologues or a singing-and-dancing number or two. These can range from truly talented performers to blatantly embarrassing, and that’s half the fun. There’s always at least a few comedic acts, and a few avant-garde attempts at entertaining. One guy got up on stage in a black bodysuit, cracked an egg over his head and stood there while the egg slowly slipped its way down to the stage floor. Performance art?

It’s a great cure for a moody Monday, and it’s only $5. With free beer. Now that’s entertainment. Sign-ups start at 7 p.m. and the show rolls at 8. Head to the Bug Theater (3654 Navajo St.) to see for yourself.