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Garden Of Eden


Note to self: do not eat sugar cookies immediately before getting a massage. I went to the Eden II Spa yesterday for what I had hoped would be a well-deserved hour of pampering and relaxation. I’d been given a gift certificate for the spa, and scheduled an hour-long prenatal massage — normally it’s $75, or $65 for a regular hour-long massage. And everything was great; the massage therapist was friendly and soothing, the atmosphere was warm, cozy, and promoted a sense of calm and well-being. The spa itself is darling and casual, located in a snug little row house at 11th & Acoma with red brick walls, multiple gas fireplaces, relaxing music and lots of green plants and water features (check out some pictures here). After months of moving, remodeling, holiday-ing, and baby preparations, I was fully prepared for some much needed R&R. But I ruined it. My food craving issues are complicated right now, and when I get hit by an obsessive urge to scarf something — say, a whole handful of those pink and white frosted circus animal sugar cookies — I have zero control over the consequences. My sugar cookie snarf-o-rama resulted in a less than ideal massage. My mind was racing. (I need to relax! Now! Really! If I breathe really slowly and relax RIGHT NOW I won’t waste this massage!) The baby was on his own little sugar high, and wiggled, squirmed, kicked and rolled around in my belly the entire time. Normally, I would think it cute, but during a massage? Let’s just say that the alien-baby belly gymnastics are a bit of a distraction from the elusive Zen state. There is, however, a bright side to my somewhat less than ideal experience. I think — just to be fair to the spa, naturally — that I had better head back down and try again. Soon. Minus the sugar buzz. Next visit, I think I’ll try a different service. Perhaps the Raindrop Therapy, or a Spa Toning Facial. Either way I’ll plan to skip the cookies. Well, until afterwards, anyway.

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