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Denver Winninger Than Some, Losinger Than Most


ESPN the Magazine has compiled the professional sports records of every team in each respective city around the country, and Denver comes in as the 36th “winningest” city in America when the all-time records for the “big four” sports (hockey, football, basketball and baseball) are combined:

36. DENVER | Record: 3,471-3,698-197 (.4842)



  • NHL: Avalanche (1995-2007): 443-246-101-24-6, Rockies (1976-1982): 113-281-86-0-0
  • NFL: Broncos (1966-2007): 349-268-7
  • NBA: Nuggets (1976-2007): 1,117-1,311, Nuggets (ABA; 1975-1976): 125-43, Rockets (ABA; 1968-2004): 288-288, Nuggets (defunct; 1950): 11-51
  • MLB: Rockies (1993-2007): 1025-1180
  • I prefer to look at the list in terms of “winningest cities,” because you can also call Denver the 15th most losingest city (no, I didn’t make that word up – ESPN did).

    We’re more successful than the likes of Kansas City, Washington D.C. and San Diego, but we’re not as strong as cities like Seattle, Oakland and, believe it or not, Cincinnati.

    I feel good about the fact that I wouldn’t actually want to live in many of the cities ahead of Denver in terms of overall winning percentage. Green Bay? No thanks. Jacksonville? Uh-uh. Detroit. Um, no.

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