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Tancredo’s New Immigration Bill


Tom Tancredo must be in need of an attention fix for his fledgling Presidential campaign which while never getting off the ground still took a nose-dive when immigration reform fell off the table.His latest is to introduce a bill that he knows will not pass but hopes will push emotional buttons back into overdrive.Everybody knows that if you are born in this country, you automatically are a U.S. citizen. Under Tancredo’s bill, a baby born to undocumented residents would be stripped of citizenship.Tancredo’s legal foundation for this is his unique view of the 14th Amendment. How unique?

Tancredo doesn’t have any co-sponsors for his bill. Asked what support he expected, Tancredo, standing alone on a podium, looked to the right and the left and noted the absence of fellow lawmakers.


Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition director Julien Ross condemned Tancredo’s bill as a stunt.”It provides no solution to our broken immigration system,” Ross said. “It’s a complete slap in the face of hardworking immigrants, and it’s out of touch with what the American people want.”

Here are the specifics of Tancredo’s bill:

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