Speaking of holiday air travel, check out this CBS4 investigation by Brian Maas, which reveals that the primary contractor responsible for deicing planes at DIA routinely cuts corners when training it’s workers.

But a three-month CBS4 investigation found that applicants for Servisair’s 500 deicing jobs for this winter were fed answers to 14 written tests from various airlines, allowing each job applicant to pass with flying colors and become a deicer, no matter how little they really understood about deicing airplanes. “I can’t think of any scenario where we should be giving answers to a test,” said Larry Alfs, Servisair’s director of deicing operations after he and other Servisair executives viewed CBS4’s undercover videotape of one of the company’s classes in October. The tape, shot by a CBS4 undercover producer, showed Servisair trainers handing out a series of exams — some multiple choice, some true or false and some essay questions. It also showed the trainers revealing the answers for each and every test.

Sure makes you feel good about getting on a plane with cold weather in the forecast, doesn’t it?