Most of the Colorado caucuses I heard from last night, including Jeralyn’s, went for Barack Obama. Here’s a report from 5280 contributor Amanda Leigh Haag on covering a southwest Denver neighborhood that went for Hillary Clinton.

 Inside the packed lobby, the energy of the crowd leaned clearly in favor of Hillary Clinton, as campaign supporters held a sea of signs and aggressively offered stickers to incoming caucus-goers. Though statewide Obama would ultimately win Tuesday’s Colorado caucuses by 2-to-1, at Dorothea Kunsmiller Middle School, there seemed to be a marked absence of organized Obama supporters. A few lone, quiet groups sporting Obama stickers lingered in the background, talking among themselves. Kicking off the proceedings, a Clinton-camp spokesperson, Margaret Atencio, read a letter from Clinton directed at Coloradans, offering the promise of more “green” jobs and a secure and abundant water supply. Atencio, a middle-aged Hispanic voter, gave a short, prepared speech. “I have met this woman before. She was kind, she looked into people’s eyes when they spoke to her, and she listened. I want to have a president that listens.” In contrast, the two-minute time allowance for Obama was filled by an unrehearsed speech from a volunteer speaker who was nudged by those sitting near him.

Read the rest of Amada’s report and be sure to check out the article’s comments for reports from other caucus sites.