When local Democrats lured their party’s national convention to Denver, they were hoping to shine a spotlight on the Mile-High City. But I’m guessing headlines like “Will the Democrats flop in Denver?” weren’t exactly what they were hoping for.

The problem, of course, is the ongoing nomination process, which is also posing considerable logistical nightmares for convention organizers.

Banking on the whims of the superdelegates — who aren’t required to stick with the candidate they say they’ll endorse — could leave the party scrambling for a Plan B very late in the game. Clinton’s campaign has predicted a summer-long battle to convince superdelegates to back her, which would drag the process out longer than previously imagined by most. So organizers in Denver are busy preparing backup plans for a nightmare scenario in which two potential nominees need to be accommodated — with everything from the best hotel suites to the choicest Pepsi Center skyboxes split between the Obama and Clinton camps.