A long-time newspaperman and columnist for Editor & Publisher, the trade magazine that covers the newspaper industry, has decided it no longer makes sense to pay for a subscription to his hometown paper, the Boulder Daily Camera.

What put [us] over the edge…was the most recent bill from the local paper. It included a significant price hike, just as we were noticing the paper and its coverage get thinner and thinner. Pay a lot more and get less? If we needed something to push us over the edge and cancel print delivery, the extra 15 cents a day (about $53 a year, bringing the annual bill to a bit under $200) was it. No, that’s not a lot of money, and if we truly wanted to continue getting print delivery, we’d have paid it. But for a product that increasingly is less useful in light of online alternatives, there was no motivation to accept the price hike.

When is the newspaper industry going to figure out that less is not more? Less is less.