Two weeks ago, in an article titled “Do I Detect a Hint of Joe,” New York Times writer Hannah Wallace reported a recent rise of coffeeshop high-culture. She wrote that a dozen or so spots in New York City now offer cuppings, essentially a java-devotee’s answer to wine tastings. We read Wallace’s article with interest, since a handful of Denver and Boulder shops–most notably Kaladi Brothers Coffee–have been hosting cuppings for quite some time now. Check out our May interview (“Mr. Coffee“) with Kaladi Brothers owner Mark Overly, and call to arrange for a cupping of your own so you can sniff, slurp, and talk java with the best of ’em. Spots to try: Kaladi Brothers Coffee starts up its cuppings again mid-summer; Uptown’s Fluid Coffee Bar hosts them every Saturday at 2 p.m.; Caffè Sole will arrange one specially for you; The Kitchen holds them every other month; and beginning this fall, Duo Restaurant plans on offering monthly cuppings.