When D Bar Desserts opened its doors along 17th Avenue a few weeks ago, pastry chef and Food Network star Keegan Gerhard put sugar front and center. The sleek dessert bar’s sit-down menu tempts with nostalgic goodies like “Cake and Shake” (excellent chocolate cake paired with a heavenly vanilla milkshake) and more out-of-the-box treats like delicious roasted pineapple and Gerhard’s take on the sundae.

My favorite goodie thus far is the fresh-tasting tropical pavlova, starring ethereal meringue, exotic fruit, and refreshing granita. If this sounds a little humdrum, take note that Health Magazine just recognized the dessert for its superb flavor profile and its low calorie quotient (just 178 calories per serving).

Trend Alert: Could pavlova be the dessert du jour? Both Bon Appétit and Food & Wine have recently run recipes for the treat. Bon Appétit’s pink peppercorn pavlova with strawberries, vanilla cream, and basil syrup ran in May, as did Food & Wine’s recipe for coconut pavlovas with tropical fruit.

1475 E. 17th Ave.