A friend recently introduced us to BCO Fresh, a blog written by Boulderite Ray Snead. While many in the climbing circles might recognize his name, Snead is also quite a food writer and cook. He was so inspired by the locavore movement (in part by author Michael Pollan) that he challenged himself to create meals from goods found at the Boulder farmers’ markets.

Snead explains, “The idea behind this blog is simple: Choose a main ingredient from the farmers’ market every Saturday morning, decide how to cook a dish with it, and report on the results here.”

The results are pretty fabulous with excellent recipes such as Lingurian-style pesto (using Red Wagon Organic Farm basil), Southern strawberry shortcake (with Monroe Organic Farm strawberries), and oeufs de meurette (with eggs from Wisdom’s Natural Poultry). Snead doesn’t pretend to make up these dishes. Instead, he draws from his favorite cookbooks (oftentimes from Italian chef Marcella Hazan) and family recipes. No matter, we love his take on ingredients, his appreciation for the farmer–and how he inspires us to shop, and eat, locally.