I’ll get in trouble if I give away the whole joke, but in my girlfriend’s Patsy DeCline show, there’s a story about prayer that ends with the punchline, “You’ve got to be very specific with the Lord.” That could turn out to be brutally unfunny advice for the mean-spirited Christians who prayed for rain when Barack Obama announced he was moving his acceptance speech outdoors to Invesco Field at Mile-High. Today’s Denver forecast is clear and sunny, but there is rain (and plenty of it) brewing in the Gulf of Mexico where meteorologists are saying Hurricane Gustav could reach land near New Orleans within days of Saturday’s third anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Any reminder of the Bush administration’s colossal failure in responding to Katrina is bad news for Republicans, but the prospect of another Gulf Coast hurricane just as the GOP kicks off its convention in St. Paul has got to be among the McCain campaign’s very worst nightmares . I’m guessing there will be a lot more praying going on this weekend. For the sake of the people of Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi, let’s hope God’s listening.