I’ve walked by the sweet-smelling Waffle Brothers food cart on the 16th Street Mall (at Tremont) dozens of times. But when the biz opened a second outpost a block from the office (at 16th and Arapahoe), I could no longer resist the made-to-order waffles.

After scanning the lengthy menu of toppings–from butter and syrup to marshmallow-cream cheese–I decided to keep it simple with cinnamon-sugar and slices of fresh kiwi. Back at my desk, I dug into the waffle and found a trifecta of deliciousness: It was doughy like a cinnamon roll, chewy like French toast, and crunchy like a waffle.

The secret, I learned, is the Belgium nib sugar that owners John Power and Rod Dupen use. Under the heat of the waffle iron, the sugar caramelizes and creates mini melty sugar crystals. The effect is so addicting that I’m already planning on breakfast at Waffle Brothers again today, and tomorrow.