Though our Home Grown story–a roundup of 50 fabulous Colorado honeys, mustards, ice creams, and other products–was just published this month, we’ve already discovered some goodies we overlooked, the most recent of which is Schultz’s Gourmet Hot Sauce. This fiery condiment grew out of the Buffalo-style wings and burgers that Monument dad Mike Schultz used to grill for his sons’ football team. When his youngest son graduated, Mike hung up his apron–until the requests for his flavorful sauce started pouring in.

Before long, the operation of whirling peppers, garlic, spices, and butter into sauce outgrew the family kitchen. Now the company (which officially launched in 2005) has a line of sauces and rubs that can be found at markets such as Whole Foods or Tony’s Market. Since discovering Schultz’s I’ve been adding it to pizza, grilled meats, tacos, soups–even freshly popped popcorn.

Bonus: Check the company’s website for kicky recipes like potato salad, Caesar salad, and twice-baked potatoes.