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Quinnipiac Colorado Poll: Obama and Udall Lead


Quinnipiac University, in conjunction with the Wall St. Journal and Washington Post, released its latest four-swing-state poll today. In all four states, Colorado, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, Senator Barack Obama is the preference of more than 50 percent of voters.

“Sen. Obama’s leads in these four battleground states are as large as they have been the entire campaign. Those margins may be insurmountable barring a reversal that has never been seen before in the modern era in which polling monitors public opinion throughout the campaign,” said Peter Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute.

….”The only possible bright spot for Sen. McCain – and you would need Mary Poppins to find it in these numbers – is that he is holding roughly the same portion of the Republican vote. But McCain’s support among independent voters, a group he says are key to winning the White House, has collapsed,” Brown added.

In Colorado, Senator Obama leads John McCain 52 percent to 43 percent. A breakdown follows:

What it means:

“The key to winning elections in Colorado is independent voters and Sen. Obama has blown open the race there with his 11-point lead among them. These same voters say 3-1 that the Democrat won the last debate, which drives one more nail into McCain’s coffin,” Brown said.

As for the Senate race, Representative Mark Udall has significantly increased his lead over Republican Bob Schaffer since their debate. Udall now leads 54 percent to 40 percent, compared to 48 percent to 40 percent on September 23.

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