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Business Lobbyists and Health-Care Reformers Are All Vying for Michael Bennet’s Attention


michael_bennet_71Freshman U.S. Senator Michael Bennet, it turns out, is a magnet for political clamor. Not only does the Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry want to bend his ear in the hopes of defeating the union-backed Employee Free Choice Act (via the Denver Business Journal), on April 18, he’ll be invited to see a “moveathon” for health-care reform, taking place in the park across the street from his Denver office, according to Politico.

Congress’ efforts to overhaul the health system are moving fast, with Democrats agreeing that all Americans should carry health insurance and that the government should offer some kind of plan–although the issue of how to help America’s uninsured looms, writes The New York Times.


At least reform is still on the Obama administration’s agenda. As The New Republic reports, health care has been incredibly vulnerable behind the scenes in the White House.

Meanwhile, smokers are taking their health into their own hands, trying to quit in droves, reports The Associated Press. Denver’s National Jewish Health has received three times the number of usual calls to its quit lines, as a federal tax increase on cigarettes approaches. The tax is part of President Barack Obama’s initiative to insure needy children, according to 9News.

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