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Chocolate-Covered Pringles for Summer Ball Games


I didn’t get tickets for the Rockies home opener, which meant a few weeks ago, while the rest of LoDo was shouting down the Phillies, I happened to be taking a walk. I cut through Larimer Square, then Writer’s Square, noticing, as I passed through the latter, the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Since I hadn’t dropped $40 on a game ticket, I figured why not spend $5 on fudge.

But once I entered the tiny chocolate shop, it wasn’t the dense chocolate I wanted. My eye landed on chocolate-dipped Pringles. I bought two, and as the salty potato chips crumbled into their milk-chocolate coating, I figured this treat was almost as good as being at the game. Just like Cracker Jacks, the Pringles were salty and sweet, and if I’d bought more I’m sure I could have popped them as easily as the caramel-y corn.


I’ve got the chocolate-covered chips in mind for future games (be they Rockies or kickball), and I’m convinced that their salty-sweetness will taste even better on an actual sideline.

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, 1512 Larimer St., 303-623-1887; Denver Pavilions, 500 16th St., 303-629-5500

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