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Why Michael Bennet Is Taking on Health Care


michael_bennet_71As Congress prepares to debate options to repair the nation’s ailing health-care system, President Barack Obama pushed his idea of a government-run insurance plan yesterday as a way to provide care to more Americans and also to prevent private insurers from gouging them (via The Washington Post).

While some politicians prefer the option of doing nothing, U.S. Senator Michael Bennet, a Colorado Democrat, made his way into the fray, giving a speech on what he calls a “broken” health-care system(via the Denver Business Journal). Bennet cited a lengthy and intricate article from The New Yorker, “The Cost Conundrum,” which, he says, “highlights the important work that’s being done in Mesa County, Colorado.”


Bennet praised the doctors, nurses, and other health workers in attendance who, three decades ago, joined forces through a non-profit health insurance company to create an inclusive, high-quality system that controls costs. Still, health-care reform has its critics, including the American Medical Association, which isn’t thrilled with Obama’s ideas about public insurance. But as The Associated Press points out, these days the AMA ain’t what it used to be. The association represents only about a quarter of all doctors.

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