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CU Makes GQ’s “Douchiest Colleges” List (And Why the School Really Objects to Bud Light’s Latest Marketing Campaign)


cu-logoA recent plan to market Bud Light with cans to match CU’s school colors has fizzled out, with the beer’s parent company agreeing to stop the promotion in any area where colleges and universities object, reports The Associated Press, which points out that the Federal Trade Commission requires at least 70 percent of a beer maker’s advertising to be aimed at those older than 21. That allows 30 percent of the advertising to go toward high schoolers and, well, a good chunk of college football fans. The University of Colorado objects to the plan in part because it worries about trademark infringement—and also because the school doesn’t want to jeopardize its business relationship with MillerCoors. Meanwhile, CU ranks No. 10 on GQ’s “America’s 25 Douchiest Colleges” list. The school’s qualifications for such a distinguished honor? The likelihood of seeing multiple incarnations of the Toyota Prius, bongs made from “recycled Nalgene bottles,” and white-guy dreads. I’d be careful bringing GQ’s ranking up with the CU football team, though. Two linebackers and a 6-foot-4, 250-pound tight end were elected captains recently, each earning the spot for overcoming some particular adversity (via The Denver Post).

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