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Speculating Further on the Dem HQ Vandal


maurices1Maurice Schwenkler, the man accused of smashing windows at Democratic Party headquarters in Denver earlier this week, was bailed out of jail yesterday, providing no explanation for the act. Meanwhile, the Internet lit up with stories that removed any remaining doubt that Schwenkler was some kind of Republican operative. Schwenkler was linked to a group that backed Democratic interests, and speculation abounds that he is a transgender “Denver-based anarchist” named “Ariel Attack” (via The Colorado Independent). An anonymous post at InfoShop titled “Anarchist Arrested in Denver” called on activists late Tuesday to raise funds to bail Schwenkler out of jail, according to various news outlets. “At this moment, we do not know Ariel’s status within the jail, especially regarding her gender classification. We have been unable to talk with Ariel since she went in. She is listed in the jail records and media under her birth name.” Westword reports that an anti-Barack Obama site claims Schwenkler is a blogger for Gender Munity, a site that advocates gay rights, picking up its cues from radical activist organizations such as the Earth Liberation Front. Schwenkler left jail on $5,000 bail, charged with felony criminal mischief, according to The Denver Post. Still missing from any of the reports are comments from Schwenkler or an explanation for the motive behind the incident, as well as any indication of the identity of a second suspect, who successfully eluded police, dscriber points out.

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