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What Nestle Plans to Do With Arkansas River Water


arrowheadForget the naysayers who claim bottled water is bad for the environment. Nestle, the massive food company that makes everything from cookie dough to chocolate, obviously considers it to be very marketable. The company just received a permit to tap up to 65 million gallons of natural spring water each year along the Arkansas River for its Arrowhead line of bottled water. Chaffee County commissioners unanimously reached the agreement with Nestle Waters North America despite opposition from those who see no benefit to the local economy, according to the Colorado Springs Gazette. The company pulls water from 50 springs around the country. While this is its first in Colorado, Nestle has plans for more. The 10-year permit has many stipulations, including wildlife- and land-management programs at the spring site as well as the funding of a $500,000 endowment for projects focused on science and environmental issues in local schools, reports The Denver Post. Meanwhile, the latest edition of Mother Jones magazine investigates the spin and surprising facts about Fiji bottled water (did you know that it’s imported from a military dictatorship?). But the magazine also mentions Arrowhead in its list of “bottled water with PR challenges,” specifically citing its response to concerns in southern Colorado about “the effect of climate change on local water supplies.”

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