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Denver’s Connection to the Frightening Garrido Case


Phillip Garrido, the California man charged with kidnapping Jaycee Lee Dugard and holding her captive for 18 years, was a “monster,” according to countless newspapers in the United States and Europe. In court testimony obtained by The New York Daily News, Garrido admitted that four decades ago he lurked at schools, pleasuring himself as he ogled “young females” aged 7 to 10. But some wonder if Garrido’s wife, Nancy, formerly of Colorado, wasn’t the real monster. Like her husband, Nancy faces multiple counts stemming from the 1991 abduction of then-11-year-old Dugard, who was walking to a bus stop when she was abducted. Police believe 54-year-old Nancy aided her 58-year-old husband, a convicted rapist, every step of the way, imprisoning Dugard, even keeping things quiet in 1993 when her husband was hauled to prison for four months for a parole violation. Nancy also allegedly subjected Dugard to unspeakable acts of sexual abuse, according to Britain’s Daily Express. Cheyvonne Molino, who lived near the Garridos and saw Nancy and Dugard shopping earlier this year, says, “In some ways to me she is the real monster. She is a woman and should never have let this happen.”

Nancy, formerly Nancy Bocanegra of Denver, is described as dour and dutiful by The Los Angeles Times, a woman who married her husband in 1981 at the U.S. penitentiary in Leavenworth, Kansas, as he served a 50-year sentence for a 1976 kidnapping and rape. Nancy was Garrido’s second wife. The “couple reportedly met when she visited a relative at the prison, and they began exchanging letters.” A nursing assistant, Nancy helped deliver Dugard’s two children, who were fathered by her husband, at the Garridos’ home.


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