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Going Backpacking? Don’t Forget the Llamas


When planning a backpacking trip through the San Juan Mountains in southwest Colorado, make sure you bring all the necessary supplies. Tent? Check. Food? Check. Rain gear? Check. Llama? Che…wait, what? The New York Times wrote recently that there’s nothing quite like taking a backpacking trip in Colorado with the aid of llamas. Apparently they’re very sure-footed and don’t mind being caught up in harsh downpours. They’re also “fuzzy and adorable” and have eyelashes that rival Tammy Faye Bakker in her prime. But watch out: They can be aloof; “more like cats than dogs,” according to the Times (view their slideshow here). Llamas have been used as freight vehicles for perhaps 6,000 years, and various places across the nation offer llama trips—with some of the best right here in Colorado. The llama-trekking season is June through September, so it’s not too late to plan that staycation you’ve been thinking about.

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