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Local Seasonal Six-Pack: Hoss


greatdivideMSN ran a story yesterday about why beers from the three biggest beer companies are growing even more expensive, despite other food and beverage prices trending down 1.5 percent this year.

One factor for the price hike is particularly interesting: Executives’ salaries are nearly double what they were last year. Budweiser executives in particular saw their salaries increase by 92 percent this year—not a shabby raise, especially in this economy.


The increase in salaries, however, contributes to the increase in beer prices, already up 3.7 percent, and industry professionals are saying the prices will continue to rise through the fall.

I suggest that we protest by buying locally. While the big companies raise their prices, we can all raise a pint of craft seasonal brew in tasty rebellion. This month, be sure to grab a six-er of Hoss, released only through August and September from Great Divide. Hoss is a rye lager, with the rye imparting a darker malt flavor and a crisp finish. Great Divide recommends pairing it with veal bratwurst, barbecue chicken, and pork tacos—great reasons to host a a fall barbecue.

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