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The Meaning of Socialism


If President Barack Obama’s planned webcast encouraging kids to do well in school is socialism, as some Colorado parents allege, maybe its the parents who need to return to school. As Obama released a transcript of planned remarks for all to read on the White House’s Web site yesterday, it became clear that conservative objections to his effort to reach out to kids were purely political.

Obama’s remarks are predictable and neutral, a simple exhortation that kids should pay attention in school and try as hard as they can to succeed (via The Associated Press). After all, one of those students will likely be president someday. Still, the outreach and the benign tone was not enough for some local parents, who’ve compared Obama to communist revolutionary V.I. Lenin.


Even though Obama’s remarks urge kids to “show up to school, pay attention to teachers, listen to your parents, [and] put in the work it takes to succeed,” Dan Hathway says he does not want his child viewing this morning’s webcast, according Fox31. “This does seem like a way for him to get his hands into schools like he has with government and banking and health care—being more like a communist country.”

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